Skateboarding Fun and Safety

The Cornwall Community Police Service urges all parents to be aware of where their children are going to skateboard and what they are doing.

We request your co-operation in educating your children with regards to the by-law concerning skateboarding and the consequences of non-compliance.

Skateboarding can be fun, especially if you keep safety in mind. Here are a few safety rules that you can teach your children:

  • Always wear protective gear. 
  • Check your board on a regular basis for loose or broken parts. 
  • If you fall, try to get into a crouch position, and hug your arms in close to your body so that you will roll. 
  • Skateboard away from cars and pedestrians. 
  •  Above all, use the skateboard park provided by the City.

Remember that a skateboard becomes a dangerous projectile when a rider falls from or is thrown from his/her board. Nearby pedestrians can be injured, traffic can be disrupted or a collision can occur when a motorist takes evasive action and of course property damage can occur as a result.

Skateboarders 16-years and older apprehended in contravention of the by-law can be issued a fine of $105.00. Skateboarders between the ages of 12 and 16-years-old can be issued a summons to court and a notice will also be issued to the parent of the skateboarder.

Below you can view a copy of the appropriate section of the Traffic and Parking By-Law No. 069, 1989, that applies to skateboarding along with a map indicating the prohibited areas.

Skateboarding By-Law

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