Crime Reduction and Community Partnerships

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Taking crime down and crime reduction are high on the list of priorities with the members of the Cornwall Police Service.

Our Crime Reduction and Community Partnerships Division is actively engaged in presentations and displays to many community groups in order to educate our community members in taking crime down.

These officers also serve as a liaison to many community oriented programs including; Halloween safety patrol with Laidlaw Transit Ltd., Neighbourhood Watch, Operation Lookout, V.I.P. (Values, Influences And Peer pressure) Program, and the Adopt-A-School Program.

The officers also present lectures in local schools, community groups and businesses on such topics as; Bicycle Safety, School Bus Safety, Drinking And Driving, Drug Abuse, Traveling Alone, Robbery Prevention, Theft Prevention, Personal Safety and Home Security to mention a few.

The Cornwall Police Service offers the following one and two page Fact Sheets on a variety of topics in order to educate and assist the community with crime prevention. The Fact Sheets are comprised of crime prevention advice that will assist you in lessening your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

For more information on Taking Down Crime, please contact:

Cornwall Police Service
Crime Prevention and Community Partnerships
340 Pitt Street , Cornwall , Ontario . K6H-5T7
Phone: 613-933-5000 Ext. 2703 or 2758
Fax: 613-930-7430
Crime Prevention

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