Tools & Resources

  • How to Get Involved. A useful outreach tool to promote the program, this pamphlet provides an introduction to the program.
  • Neighbour Card. Do your part, and get to know your neighbour. Complete a Neighbour Card and keep it on hand.
  • Neighbourhood Watch: Member Guide - Your guide to neighbourhood safety.

The Cornwall Community Police Service offers the following one and two page Fact Sheets on a variety of topics in order to educate and assist the community with crime prevention. The Fact Sheets are comprised of crime prevention advice that will assist you in lessening your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

The Fact Sheets are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). If your system is not equipped with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, it will be necessary to download it in order to view the document. Acrobat Reader will allow you to view and print the document.

For more information on Taking Down Crime, please contact:

Cornwall Community Police Service
Crime Prevention and Community Partnerships
340 Pitt Street , Cornwall , Ontario . K6H-5T7
Phone: 613-933-5000 Ext. 2703 or 2758
Fax: 613-930-7430

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