Rapid Notify System

The City of Cornwall’s Rapid Notify System is administered by the City of Cornwall Office of Emergency Management and is a tool that police and emergency personnel have at their disposal when incidents occur that may compromise public safety. The system has been in place for over 5 years and works by automatically phoning all homes and businesses in an affected area with a specific warning. The message is delivered as simply and clearly as possible by voice. All the calls are generated and tracked by a sophisticated computer system to make sure every number is called, more than once if necessary.

What to do in an event that you receive an automated phone call from the Cornwall Community Police Service?

  • Do not panic. Take the advice seriously.
  • Follow the instructions on the message.
  • Tune your radio to the local station for up-to-date information on the situation.


  • Dial 9-1-1- or the Cornwall Community Police Service unless you are involved in an emergency yourself and require police, fire or EMS.

To make sure that your unlisted number is included in the calling list, please call the City of Cornwall Office of Emergency Management at (613) 930-2787, ext. 2214. Only authorized personnel can administer the system such as police, fire, EMS and emergency management staff. They have been instructed on the proper procedure for notifying the public and are authorized to do so.

The City of Cornwall’s Rapid Notify System has proven to be an effective and essential part of municipal and government public safety programs. The system offers reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to help people connect during a crisis, to manage operational incidents and other communication activities.

The Cornwall Community Police Service is committed to its’ vision: “A safer Cornwall for alto enjoy.

Click here to view a pamphlet on the Rapid Notify System

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