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i-Watch is a community awareness program that we developed to help people understand what type of property crime is happening in their neighbourhood by simply viewing a Crime Alert Map.

The map will be updated by-weekly in an effort to keep you informed and aware of property crime in your neighbourhood. If you noticed that a crime occurred in your neighbourhood on the current map then please, remain vigilant over the next few weeks.

Remember if you witness suspicious activity or see something that does not make sense, do not rationalize it away or fail to react. Note a description of the suspect and direction of travel and contact police immediately. Your actions may prevent you or your neighbours from being the victims of crime.


Crime Alert Maps

January, 2014  February 2014 March 2014 April 2014
May 2014 June 2014   July 2014

 August 2014



January 10 to 10, 2013 January 1 to 20, 2013  January 1 to 25, 2013  February 1 to 18, 2013 
February, 2013  March 1 to 8, 2013  March 1 to 21, 2013  March 2013 
April 1 to 19, 2013  April 2013 May 2013  June 1 to 17, 2013 
June 2013  July 1 to 24, 2013 July 2013 August 2013
August 1 to 27, 2013 September 1 to 20, 2013 September, 2013 October 1 to 8, 2013
October, 2013 November 1 to 7, 2013 November, 2013 December, 2013



Lessening your chances of becoming a victim of a crime!

Taking crime down and crime reduction are high on the list of priorities with the members of the Cornwall Community Police Service. The Cornwall Community Police Service offers a number of one and two page Fact Sheets on a variety of topics in order to educate and assist the community with crime reduction and prevention. The Fact Sheets are comprised of crime reduction and prevention advice that will assist you in lessening your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

For a sample of these Fact Sheets select a Zone from 1 to 6 by clicking on the coloured area representing each zone located on the map of Cornwall below. For a complete list of Fact Sheets available, visit our Taking Crime Down section of the web site. 

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6

Crime Reduction & Prevention Tips
Click on a Zone

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