Hire An Off-Duty Police Officer

Off-duty Police Officers can be hired (Paid Duty) to provide police presence and security at a variety of functions within the city of Cornwall, including (but not limited to):

  • Security Escorts
  • Community Events
  • Wide/Long Load Escorts
  • Sporting Events
  • Traffic Control/Direction
  • School Events 
    • Dance 
    • Graduation 
  • Concerts

Terms of Paid Duty Request

  • Events must be within the City of Cornwall. 
  • The number of officers requested will be assessed by the Paid Duty Coordinator according to the duties associated to the event.
  • A minimum charge of four (4) hours applies, per officer and for all events. 
  • There is a 24 hour minimum cancellation policy. Should that 24 hour notice not be given, a minimum charge will be billed for each paid duty officer at the discretion of the Inspector of Field Operations.


Paid Duty Hourly Rates

Constable - $70.42
Sergeant - $79.57
Cruiser - $35.00

* Please note that all Paid Duty requests are subject to a 10% administrative fee in addition to HST.
* Officers must be booked for a minimum of 4 hours.

Paid Duty Requests

All requests for paid duty officers shall be in writing and received at least one week prior to the event and must specify:

  • What the function is and the specific periods the service is required;
  • The nature of the duties to be performed; and 
  • The person in charge whom the paid duty officer is to contact upon arrival at the site.

To submit a request:

1) Download the Paid Duty Request Form by clicking here.

2) Save the form to your computer, or print it out and fill out the required fields. 

3) Please note the Paid Duty Coordinator will be away from July 26- August 12. Please call the Station Duty Officer at 613-933-5000 ext. 2447 for all paid duty requests during this time.

Email, mail or fax the form to the Paid Duty Coordinator:

Email: paidduties@cornwallpolice.ca 

Fax: 613-932-9317

Paid Duty Coordinator
Cornwall Police Service
P.O. Box/C.P. 875,
340 Pitt Street
Cornwall, Ontario

If you have any questions, please email or call the Paid Duty Coordinator at Phone: 613-933-5000 ext. 2702.

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