CPS Paws on Patrol


What is the CPS Paws on Patrol Program?

CPS Paws on Patrol is a crime awareness program that encourages dog walkers throughout the area to assist as “extra eyes and ears” in the ongoing crime prevention efforts of the Cornwall Police Service. There are dozens of dog walkers throughout Cornwall at all times of the day. These walkers are often pre-occupied with texting, emailing, music and phone calls during their neighborhood walks. With just a little more awareness, they and their dogs can be extra eyes and ears on the block, sniffing out and reporting suspicious activity on their walks. 

How does it work?

Similar to a neighbourhood watch program, the CPS Paws on Patrol Program trains the Paw Patroller how to effectively observe and report criminal activity as they are routinely out in the neighbourhoods with their pets. Those who know the neighborhoods best, now become more aware and less hesitant to report suspicious activity. By being observant when they are out in the neighborhoods walking their pets, they will become more aware of what is going on and call police if there is suspicious activity occurring in their walking area. It’s that simple! 

What is considered "suspicious activity"?

Examples of suspicious activity are:

  • Cars driving slowly with the headlights off
  • People sitting in a parked car watching activity in the neighborhood
  • Cars following delivery vans
  • Cars parked in unusual places
  • Unauthorized people entering backyards or private property;
  • People looking at houses, people looking into parked vehicles’ windows or trying vehicle door handles. 

At no time should members of the CPS Paws on Patrol Program approach anyone they feel is suspicious or put themselves or their pets in harms way. 

When do the Paw Patrollers call police?

Members of the Paw Patroller program can call the Cornwall Police Service anytime they feel a response is needed. 

What is the goal of the CPS Paws on Patrol Program?

The goal of the program is to increase the health and well-being of neighborhoods. Through this program we can all benefit from learning what is attractive to criminals and how to recognize suspicious behaviour. This helps create a safer neighbourhood. With the partnership of the community and the police, this will help deter crime in neighborhoods and keep streets and homes safe.

How do I become a volunteer Paw Patroller?

We will be accepting applications to join the CPS Paws on Patrol Program in the upcoming weeks. Please check back and follow us on social media for more information. 



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