Vehicle Safety Equipment Enforcement

Published by Stephanie MacRae

Published on 2020-02-07


Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) will be conducting vehicle equipment safety checks throughout the month of February as part of its monthly traffic safety initiative.

Throughout the month of February, CPS officers will be focusing on motor vehicles deemed unsafe as a result of faulty and/or missing safety equipment. These dangerous motor vehicles could result in mechanical breakdowns, reduce visibility, and lead to a serious collision. Officers will be targeting vehicles being operated with improper equipment such as, headlights, rear lights, licence plate lights, identification lights, horns, tires, brakes, etc. Education and enforcement will be used to address any violations. Commercial motor vehicles will also be subject to checks during this time.

“It is essential that motorists understand the risks associated to driving with improper safety equipment,” said Constable Patrick Depratto of the Traffic Unit. “Throughout the month of February, we want to increase public awareness of these dangers and help reduce the number unsafe vehicles on our roadways.”

Enhancing traffic safety is a major objective within the CPS Strategic Plan. As such, monthly safety initiatives have been developed to keep the public informed and promote safer roadways and bike paths. These initiatives will be carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers.



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