Fraud Prevention Month

Published by Stephanie MacRae

Published on 2020-03-04

fraud prevention month

During the month of March, the Cornwall Police Service (CPS), as well as the Competition Bureau of Canada and its nation-wide partners, will be helping members of our community to recognize, reject and report fraud.

In 2019 alone, statistics from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre show that Canadians lost over $98 million to fraud. Scammers can target anyone. Every demographic is at risk of fraud, from young teens to the elderly, from consumers to big corporations. As the digital economy plays an increasingly important role in the lives of Canadians, it is also making for more cutting edge scams. Fraud awareness remains vital so that Canadians can navigate the digital world with confidence.

For the sixteenth edition of this nationwide awareness campaign, the Competition Bureau will share tips on how to spot and stand protected against widespread scams impacting Canadians. In keeping with its focus on the digital economy, the Bureau will also tackle digitally-enabled fraud. The CPS will be actively sharing tips on how members of our community can protect themselves from these various forms of fraud.

Please follow our social media pages for ongoing fraud alerts.

For more information about Fraud Prevention, please visit:
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the Competition Bureau of Canada.

A safer Cornwall for all to enjoy.



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