CCPS Launches Vulnerable Person Registry

Published by Stephanie MacRae

Published on 2018-11-08

CCPS Launches the Vulnerable Person Registry

The Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) is proud to introduce the Vulnerable Person Registry (VPR) to the City of Cornwall. This new and free service will assist police officers in providing a more effective and faster response to the vulnerable population of our community.

A Vulnerable Person is defined as a person who may be in need of community care services by reason of mental illness, developmental disability or delay, other disability, age, illness or emotional disturbance and who is or may be unable to take care of himself or herself or unable to protect himself or herself against significant harm or serious exploitation.

Family members or caregivers of a vulnerable person can register a loved one directly on the CCPS website, where they will be required to provide details such as emergency contact information, a physical description, a photo, known routines, favorite attractions, and any other special needs of the vulnerable individual. The information is accessible by police and other emergency service providers and can be used to assist officers in quickly reuniting lost or missing individuals with their loved ones, as well as providing officers with vital information that can aid in de-escalating an emergency.

“The CCPS is proud to offer a service that will work to enhance the safety of vulnerable citizens,” said Chief Designate Danny Aikman. “It is critical that we are able to meet the needs of our community and continue to introduce new methods of ensuring the safety of the public.”

The CCPS has proudly partnered with MedicAlert Foundation Canada and the Alzheimer Society Cornwall & District to collaboratively assist vulnerable individuals.

For more information on the VPR, please click here or contact Constable Sherri Cameron at (613) 933-5000 ext. 2454.

Together we can make, “a safer Cornwall for all to enjoy.”



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