15th Annual Youth Symposium

Published by Stephanie MacRae

Published on 2019-02-11

Cornwall Police Service Kicks Off its Annual Youth Symposium

Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service, in association with the Eastern Ontario Training Board, is pleased to launch our 15th annual Youth Symposium. From February 11th to February 15th, 2019, local high school students will be invited to listen to motivational speaker, Melanie Willard, who will be attending various schools during the Youth Symposium.

Melanie Willard is a speaker and author who helps students grow in resilience while breaking the stigma and silence attached to suffering. She has spoken to thousands of individuals over the last 17 years and provided one-on-one care to countless individuals going through a crisis. Adventurous, passionate, and a fighter who is no stranger to suffering, Melanie has overcome many life threatening battles including cancer, loss, eating disorders, domestic violence and addictions. Melanie will be sharing her story with local high school students, empowering them to rise above their own challenges.

“The Cornwall Police Service is proud to offer an annual symposium aimed at providing positive messaging for youth in our community,” said Staff Sergeant David Michaud of the Crime Reduction & Community Partnerships branch. “As a police service, we want to empower our youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and reduce their risk of turning to crime.”

The symposium kicked off on Monday morning with a “Professional’s Day” workshop, geared towards local professionals who interact with youth on a regular basis. The workshop included presentations by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, the Cornwall Community Hospital, as well as the Cornwall Police Service, with topics varying from cannabis, vaping and youth mental health.



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