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Staff Directory

Updated February 22, 2019

You can reach the direct line of staff members listed below (in alphabetical order) by dialing (613) 933-5000 then entering the four-digit extension number:

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AIKMAN, Danny Chief of Police 2421
ANDERSON, Mark Sergeant 2603
ARBIC, Andrew Constable 2601
ARCHAMBAULT, Robert  Acting Staff Sergeant 2470


BEGIN, Joshua Constable 2713
Constable 2741
BISSONNETTE, Brock Constable 2744
BLAKELY, Darrell Constable 2754
BONNEVILLE, Scott Constable 2788
BOUCHER, Normand Information Systems Manager 2409
BOWEN, Valerie Dispatcher 2787
BRISSARD, Angela Dispatcher 2719
BRUSH, Matthew Constable 2783
BUKAC, Linda Inputter 2717


CAMERON, Sherri Constable 2454
CAMPEAU, Ryan Acting Sergeant 2468
CARPENTER, Rachel Sergeant 2463
CASSELMAN, Cody Constable 2768
CASSELMAN, Stephanie Constable 2706
CHARTRAND, Melanie Constable 2769
CHAYTOR, Shelley Financial Assistant 2424
CLARK, Austin Constable 2727
CLOUTIER, Daniel Constable 2725
COLLINS, Patrick Constable 2793
COTE, Bruce Special Constable 930-4558
COULTER, Scott Sergeant 2716
CROSBY, Elizabeth Constable 2757


DAY, Jamie Constable 2738
DEGRAY, Donald Special Constable 930-4558
DEGRAY, Rodney Constable 2709
DEMARY, Jayson Constable 2704
DEPRATTO, Martin Constable 2737
DEPRATTO, Patrick Constable 2734
DINGWALL, Julie Dispatcher 2757
DOLL, Luanne Special Constable 930-4558 Ext. 4192
DOYON, Daniel Acting Sergeant 2728
DUCHESNE, Derek Sergeant 2438
DUMOULIN, Danick Information Technology 2467
DUPUIS, Matthew Constable 2755



FORTIN, Diane Communications Supervisor 2763
FORTIN, Marc Sergeant 2722
FRAPPIER, Larry Acting Sergeant 2743
FRASER, Kurt Staff Sergeant 2724


GALLAGHER, Renée Dispatcher 2792
GALLANT, Cody Special Constable 930-4558
GARLOUGH, Ashley Inputter 2719
GORDON, Eric Information Technology 2459
GOULET, Cynthia Clerk 2432
GREER, LORI Executive Assistant 2443


HOUDE, Richard Constable 2747
HUYGEN, Patrick Constable 2785



JARVO, Steve Constable 2756
JOSEPH, Anna Acting Records Supervisor 2462
JOSEPH, Tony Acting Sergeant 2422


KELLY, Shane Acting Sergeant 2762
KILGER, Jason Constable 2452
KNEZEVIC, George Staff Sergeant 2457
KUZEVSKI, Karley Dispatcher 2790


LABOSSIERE, Kathleen Inputter 2752
LAFLECHE, Joel Dispatcher
LAFLEUR, Justin Constable 2746
LALONDE, Carole Constable 2735
LALONDE, Jeff Constable 2703
LALONDE, Josée Dispatcher 2707
LANGLOIS, Brian Constable 2760
LANGLOIS, Dave Constable 2779
LAPRADE, Christine Dispatcher 2708
LAUZON, Danielle Property Clerk 2456
LEE, Gary Constable 2705
LEGAULT, Jenna Dispatcher 2765
LEGUE, Jessica Constable 2795
LEMIRE, Emily Special Constable 4193
LEMIRE, Matthew Acting Sergeant 2781
LEMOYRE, James Constable 2751
LEROUX, Connie Special Constable 930-4558
LEVAC, Carole Anne Quality Assurance Manager 2403
LEVERE, Georges Jr. Special Constable 930-4558


MacGREGOR, Casey Constable 2720
MacINTOSH, Margo Inputter 2723
MacKAY, Tommy Constable 2789
MacLACHLAN, Emily Special Constable 930-4558
MacLEAN, David Sergeant 2759
MacRAE, Stephanie Communications Coordinator 2721
MAILLÉ, Daniel Staff Sergeant 2437
MALLOY, Meaghan, Inputter 2796
MARCOTTE, Patrick Dispatcher 2786
MARCOTTE, Tasha Inputter 2431
MARTELLE, Shawn Sergeant 2750
MAXWELL, Chad Staff Sergeant 2420
McINTOSH, Robin Sergeant 2718
McLINDEN, Erin Clerk 2412
MENARD, Michael Constable 2726
MERPAW, Daniel Constable 2749
MICHAUD, David Staff Sergeant 2740
MINES, Jason Constable 2739
MOQUIN, Elaine Court Case Manager 932-5903 ext. 4175


NAKIC, Branko Special Constable 930-4558
NORMAN, Kim Constable 2770


O'FLAHERTY, Lynne Clerk 2445
O'ROURKE, Debra Receptionist 2748
O'ROURKE, Ryan Special Constable 930-4558


PAQUETTE, Patrick Sergeant 2731
PARISIEN, Debbie Information Services Manager 2464
PARKS, Debbie Inputter 2453
PARTHENAIS, Hélène Inputter 2776
PAYMENT, Jennifer Constable 2436
PEACH, Adam Constable 2701
PELLETIER, Nygel Constable 2798
PERREAULT, Gabriel Constable 2799
PILON, Jeremy Constable 2711
PILON, Tracey Sergeant 2451
PIUNNO, Emidio Sergeant 2460
POITRAS, Jody Special Constable 930-4558
PURCELL, Rosanne Dispatcher 2744



RIEL, Michel Constable 2775
ROACH, Alexandra Dispatcher
ROCHON, Shelley Dispatcher 2730
RUEST, Robin Special Constable 930-4558 Ext. 4194
RUFFO, Perry Special Constable 930-4558 Ext. 4190


SCHOENMAKERS, Leigh Clerk 2408
SEGUIN, Ryan Dispatcher
SHEARD, Jody Dispatcher 2780
SOMMERS, Kristen HR Generalist 2443
SPOWART, Shawna Deputy Chief 2753
ST. GERMAIN, Troy Sergeant 2702
ST. PIERRE, Roxanne Inputter 2777
STEPHENSON, Andrew Constable 2742
SULLIVAN, Christopher Constable 2764
SYNOTT, Brian Constable 2729


TROUTMAN, Connie Constable 2474



VAN DEN OETELAAR, Sarah Constable 2710
VIRTUE, Scott Constable 2782


WANNAMAKER, Jeff Constable 2771
WELLS, Kevin
Constable 2714
WHEELER, Justin Constable 2736
WHITEHORNE, Stephen Constable 2784
WILSON, Emma Constable 2455



ZERAN, Kelly Constable 2455

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