The Cornwall Community Police Service has served the citizens of Cornwall since 1784 and is comprised of 87 officers, 36 civilians and 10 special constables and 13 part-time staff members.

Our Service responds to the needs of our community through a combination of preventative, pro-active and reactive programs, using the philosophy of community policing as our base. This concept embodies the idea that the police and residents work in partnership to find new ways to solve problems in working towards a common goal and our vision of "A safer Cornwall for all to enjoy."

The Cornwall Community Police Service polices an area of 62 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 46,340. Policing services are provided from Grant's Corners, along Cornwall Center Road and South Branch Road, up to the west line of Laframboise Group (local industry), over to the International Bridge and the Gray's Creek area. The city has been divided into 6 patrol zones.

Cornwall, Ontario MapThe Cornwall Community Police Service is constantly adapting to give you, the citizens of Cornwall the quality of policing you deserve. We are responsible and accountable to the public whom we serve. The direction of the Service remains one of interaction with you, the general public, as a partner in the development of our Service and the safety of our community.

We can be reached at the following telephone numbers. For more detailed information about contacting the Cornwall Community Police Service please go to our Contact Us page.


Our headquarters are located at 340 Pitt St and we also operate the Crime Reduction/Community Partnership Unit (CRCP), as well as the Youth Services Unit out of our east end station at 330 Montreal Road.

ccps-building.jpg  east-end-station.jpg


Our retiree wall can now be found at our headquarters at 340 Pitt St.



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