Police Record Checks

Online Record Checks:


Types of Searches

There are two types of Police Information Checks available: those working and/or volunteering with the general public, and a second for those applicants working with the vulnerable sector of the Community. The vulnerable sector is identified as: children, the elderly, or any person suffering from diminished capacity.

If you will be working or volunteering with the vulnerable sector, you will be signing a disclosure that will indicate that you consent to the disclosure of any pardoned sexual offences.

The Cornwall Community Police Service is dedicated to assisting the community by providing Police Record Checks to any individual to whom the information pertains. At no time will the Cornwall Community Police Service provide this information to a third party without the individual's consent as per Ontario Bill 113.


Individuals can attend, in person, at the Records Bureau located just inside the main doors to the Police Station at 340 Pitt Street or you can click the button above to access online Police Record Checks.




  • Each individual must provide two pieces of identification, one of which must be government issued photo identification.
  • You will be required to fill out the standard informed consent form(s) at the Police Station.
  • If you choose to fill out the form prior to arriving at the Police Station, you will be asked to sign the standard informed consent form in front of the Receptionist.

This Service is only available to Residents of the City of Cornwall

Click here for fees required at the time of the request

Click here to go to the Forms page

* A letter from the Organization you will be volunteering for – or the School you are enrolled in is required in order to receive this discounted rate.

Police Record Checks are processed within 3 business days for applicants who have been residents of the City of Cornwall continuously for the past 5 years.

Vulnerable Sector Verification Delays

  • The Minister of Public Safety issued a directive meaning to enhance Vulnerable Sector Verification checks to make the searches more rigorous. In the interest of public safety, the enhancements were quickly implemented to protect vulnerable members of society. As a result, a Vulnerable Sector Verification may require the submission of fingerprints to the RCMP whenever the name or gender and date of birth of an applicant match to an existing pardoned sex offender record. This is not an accusation of criminality, but a requirement for a thorough verification to confirm identity and protect personal privacy.
Why are there additional fees required for these fingerprints?
  • The RCMP charges a fee of $25.00 for each set of vulnerable sector fingerprints that are for employment or adoption purposes. As a result, the Cornwall Community Police Service will collect the required fees on behalf of the RCMP
  • For a list of the RCMP processing fee schedule, Visit the website at: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/vulner/faq-eng.htm

Police Record Check

The results of the checks will be indicated in blue ink by an employee of the Cornwall Community Police Service. The original application will be embossed with the CCPS Seal.

In the event that there were any findings of criminal charges, convictions, non-convictions and/or police involvement, a typed Police Record Check Supplemental Information form shall be attached. This form shall also be embossed with the CCPS Seal.

Only originals (no photocopies) should be accepted by employers or volunteer organizations.

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